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Building Cornerstones

February 28, 2016

What a time to celebrate! We continue to see the growth and conversion of the faithful through the increase of new families and converts into our St. John's parish family. This is a true indication that our faith mission to evangelize is happening. With this growth, we face the challenge of the need for improvements and the expansion of our current facilities. FACTS: Existing Registered Families = 2,472 families / 9,044 parishioners Current and Future Growth Projections = 1 - 2 % annually. We are currently challenged for classroom space, meeting space, parking space, and other essential need.

February 21, 2016

As a continuation of our bulletin insert last week, the Facilities Master Planning Committee (FMPC) will be sharing the progress toward the future growth of our parish through the Building Cornerstones section of the bulletin. In October 2015, all ministry leaders were invited to complete a questionnaire and attend a session to assist in assessing the current parish facilities and the facility needs. The 41 ministry leaders identified the needs to include additional facilities to accommodate Children’s CCE, Youth Activities, and Faith Formation, additional storage for 23 of the ministries, safety and security needs, an improved sound system, handicap access and parking. Continue to watch for updates through Building Cornerstones in future bulletins.