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Sacrament Ministries


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The Baptism preparation program is designed to help parents better understand the religious significance and meaning  during your child's Baptism ceremony. We will also equip you with some practical suggestions for raising your children in the Catholic Faith and tradition.

Prior to the Baptism, parents are required to attend two classes which are usually held the first and second Thursday of odd months.

The Baptism Team ministry is always looking for English and Spanish speaking volunteers to greet the parents and help with these classes. If you are interested contact the Parish Office at 281-331-3751.


Marriage is a beautiful gift from God to the couple and to the whole church. When Scripture talks about God's relationship with humanity, more often than not is through the analogy of a husband and wife. Jesus performed his first miracle at the wedding in Cana. There can be no doubt that God intended men and women to join together in marriage in order to cooperate with him in giving life to others and helping others appreciate his other gifts.

If you are interested in a Catholic Wedding at St. John the Baptist please call the Parish Office 281-331-3751 at a minimum of nine months before you set the wedding date.