Icon Guild

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

Icon Guild


In July of 2016 parishioner Sherry Cavallo arranged the first annual week long workshop taught by Master Iconographer Father Elias Rafaj. Images of the Madonna and Child, Christ Carrying the Cross, the archangel St. Michael, the Good Shepherd, St. Joseph and the Holy Family, and Christ the Pantocrator have been featured in some of the summer workshops. 

The Mission is to lead the faithful into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, Mary, the Mother of God, and all Holy People through the writing of Sacred Icons.


  • To teach and promote the writing of sacred icons in traditional technique and style.
  • Provide to its members opportunities for prayer and the practice of writing sacred icons.
  • To evangelize by sharing the skills and knowledge for the glory of God and offer to the Community of St. John the Baptist opportunities to encounter sacred images while exploring the theology of religious icons. Charitable giving of these precious works are sometimes arranged to help raise funds for those in need.

Guild meets the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Wednesdays of the month from 

9:30 AM to 2 PM., (except July and August.)

 Participants are not required to have prior experience and varying levels of ability will be accommodated. Brushes and paints are provided. A small fee is made to cover the cost of a board to paint. 

For more information contact Sherry Cavallo at sdcavallo@att.net.

Also, a week long workshop is held every summer led by Father Elias Rafaj in the parish hall. A fee is charged for the workshop which includes all materials and instructions.