The Gathering Place

7w7mx1pzh75rziddpkajo6l3a2l.jpgThe Gathering Place Ministries provides four hours per week as a “time off” for caregivers of persons with dementia so that they can take a break from their care-giving obligations and return to their duties refreshed and rested. During the Gathering Place "socials," which are held every Wednesday, our trained volunteers provide exceptional care and moments of joy to people who have dementia (including Alzheimer's disease) in a spiritual, loving, and safe environment. At each of the four Gathering Place locations in Alvin, music, arts and crafts, dance, reminiscing activities, games, exercise, and a healthy lunch are included at the "socials" to provide stimulating activities to improve the quality of participants' lives. There are no costs involved for the caregiver families to participate at all locations. However, registration is required. 
Alvin locations:  
1st Wednesday   10 am to 2 pm   Alvin Lutheran Church  
2nd Wednesday 10 am to 2 pm   First Presbyterian Church                                                          
3rd Wednesday  10 am to 2 pm   First Christian Church   
4th Wednesday  10 am to 2 pm   St. John the Baptist Catholic Church 
For more information about the Gathering Place "socials” please contact the Parish Office or contact Brazoria County Gathering Place Interfaith Ministries, Inc. at 979-849-5051. For more information about dementia and participation in the program go to the website at  www.gatheringplacebrazoria.org.